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Attending Annually - Mid-Atlantic Conference
The Eastern Professional Electronics Association is pleased to host the Mid-Atlantic Conference (MAC) in Virginia Beach, VA. This years theme is "Independent Service: The Best Solution." The Mid-Atlantic Conference is the premiere annual event for electronic and appliance technical training in the eastern part of the United States.
MAC 2007
Mid-Atlantic Conference

MAC Features:
  • Extra 1/2 day of training starting Thursday, June 7
  • Trade Show will include buffet.
  • Registration Desk will open starting Wednesday, June 6, 6pm - 9pm
  • Hospitality Room will open each evening starting Wednesday, June 6



NETV attending annually - Consumer Electronics Show (CES)


NETV at Regional Training Seminars

NETV involved with Prep classes for Certified Electronics Technicians (CET), Certified Service Managers (CSM) & Multinews System Technicians (MST) Traingings